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 The Synchro Energy Project - Book

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PostSubject: The Synchro Energy Project - Book   The Synchro Energy Project - Book Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 11:16 pm

The Synchro Energy Project - Book New$20cover


“Science is nothing else than
the search to discover unity in the
wild variety of nature – or more
exactly, in the variety of
our experience”.

Jacob Bronowski

This volume includes, for the first time, a description of the first experimental results of the Synchro Energy Project; it is a project created approximately two years ago, which brings forward the merging of concepts of Synchronicity (Jungian), Non-locality and collapse of wave function. The experiments were carried out in a small research laboratory in Switzerland (near the University of Lausanne) with the collaboration of: Patrick Reiner (Theoric Physicist,PhD), Jean-Michel Bonnet (electronic engineer,PhD) and Christine Duval (neuropsychologist and physiologist). This volume therefore exposes and explains for the first time, the theoretical and experimental basis sustaining the "Principle of Quantum Compensation of Subconscious Nucleuses". It will therefore provide a careful reader some excellent points for reflexion in relation to an ambit that has still been completely unexplored within the field of research of interaction between psyche and matter.


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The Synchro Energy Project - Book
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